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Pocket Survival Kit with 5 items that should be in every backpack, every purse and every glove box. Affordable items that can keep you safe.

The Useful and Affordable Pocket Survival Kit

The Langtang region being rich in wide variety of flora and fauna offers the multiple of trekking destinations. The three major trekking destinations in the Langtang region are Langtang trek, Helambu trek and Gosaikunda Trek. Langtang region was designated as the Nepal’s first Himalayan National park in the year 1971.

The "miracle" of baking soda and peroxide. Put cup of baking soda in a bowl.add enough peroxide to make a paste.

How to brew the perfect cup of green tea.

The Perfect Cup of ‘Chi’

Discover why we consider Green Tea to be a Life Expectancy Super Food and how it can help you lose weight and live longer.

“Fog lifts in the valley, rising as mist through the bare-limbed trees. Far below lies the deeping combe with our village in the heart of it. My whole world for nearly a decade has been contained in that place—and now the village of Duns looks so small. This is the very place at which I first saw the village ten years ago. The line of trees here on the ridge is unchanged, as if I came here only yesterday. I waited in the quiet vale of Duns far too long.” — from the novel SINFUL FOLK

Forest Fog, this photo is beautiful the use of all the green shows the beauty of nature.

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Well, we'll see about this! Do you want to know how to make the World's Best Meatloaf. Well guess what here is the recipe for the World's Best Meatloaf and yes it really is that wonderful. Oh so yummy.

Tunnel of Love is an amusement railway located near Klevan, #Ukraine. It is a railway surrounded by green arches[1] and is three kilometers in length. It is known for being a favorite place for couples to take walks   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunnel_of_Love_(railway)

“Tunnel of Love” or “The Love Tunnel” – Located in Kleven, Ukraine. This lovely train track is naturally shielded by green trees and creates a tunnel. The train on this track passes every day. The track is lengthy.

Isn't this African textile beautiful? So elegant & feminine. Love the shape of that cape

Is The Fashion World Warming Up To Natural Hair?

African Fashion - Isn't this beautiful? So elegant & feminine. A woman would feel like a princess in this, gorgeous fabric too. Love everything about this African clothes