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Beautiful Day makeup & can be easily changed for a night out: taupe shadow, smudged black eyeliner & heavy lashes

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Brown and bright blue liner with violet inert corner: Brown eye makeup.love this gotta try it fr my blue eyes


Gold make up for green eyes. I had no clue gold was for green eyes. Gotta try this. Wish it told the colors and name brands :(

Linda Hallberg nude smokey eyes

Today Look 13 Hours -Linda Hallberg (this beautiful nude smokey eye was photographed 13 hours later!


Maybe it's just my skin tone, but I have found that pink eye shadow, (Or beige or caramel or anything from that color family,) looks amazing on my eye. It isn't so much that it makes me eye color pop, but it makes my skin glow.

Prom makeup.

Yesterdays Look - I just cant stop looking at your face, so beautiful Linda Hallberg - makeup artist" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN