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Songbook - Sing a Song of Christmas - Janice Kapp Perry A joyous addition for the Christmas season, this musical cantata was written by Janice Kapp Perry in 1987 for the Utah Valley Children's Choir. Originally released on cassette, then out of stock for several years, Prime Recordings is excited to have the original Utah Valley Children's Choir recording now available.

Notes from a Novice Primary Music Leader: Celestial Singing 2013 Program Song Pass-Off; Head/Shoulders Adaptation

Songbook - Original Christmas songs from Janice Kapp Perry and her family to enliven your holiday season, including the national award-winning "He Was a Shepherd Too" by Janice's daughter, Lynne Christofferson. Available as a songbook, CD or download.

Disney Themed Christmas Cookies! | Wondering how to decorate those cookies you make with your Mickey cookie cutter you bought at Disney World? Here are some clever ideas to try! | The Partiologist

My primary kids love using Rocket Balloons. When we are reviewing songs, the stronger they sing the more I inflate the balloon. At the end of the song, I release the balloon. The children sing REALLY well and have a lot of fun with this activity. Good for weeks when it is hard to get the kids to focus!

Are you interested in singing with our choir for our Christmas Cantata? Rehearsals will start Thursday, Oct. 17th, and will run from 7:30 ...

Today in singing time I wanted the children to sing the song they were learning over and over without being bored, so we played a version of hot potato. We sang the song and then I would hold up a stop sign at which point our pianist would stop playing. The child holding the potato was then asked to give the next word in the song. If they could give me the correct word their team would earn a point. If they could not, then the other team would have the opportunity to steal the point.

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