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The High Priestess is the part of you that is the mystic, poet, healer and dreamer. She was Oracle of Delphi, the muse for Shakespeare, the protector of the Temple of Solemn and the mystical seer in many royal courts. She was Isis, Diana, Artemis, or Morgan Le Fay. She represents your inner knowing, silence and emotions. She lives in your unconscious realm • Karen Wallace

When traumatic events happen, a bright and beautiful part of our soul can become separated/lost. This can happen in both physical trauma/emotional trauma. Sometimes we even (unconsciously) "give away" a part of our soul.

Labradorite Crystal Ball***** Highly mystical and protective stone. Bringer of Light. Raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Can take you to another world or into other's lives. This is a stone of esoteric knowledge. Stimulates intuition and psychic gifts. Brings messages from the unconscious mind to the surface and gives understanding of them.