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I'm not that girl . . .

You know where you should be? In a dictionary as the definition of perfect.

she didn't know who would leave or stay. so she pushed them all away.

"She didn't know who would leave or stay so she pushed them all away.Push them all away. the one who refuses to leave.belongs to stay.

It's funny how quickly everything can do 180

My best friend is a girl i met four months ago. My "best friend" i've known for seven years is a total stranger, is like we don't know each other anymore; sad but true.

Los insensibles, alguna vez llegaron a preocuparse demasiado. ;) #frases

I suppose so, never thought of it like that before.

Missing My Mom in Heaven - Bing Images

There is one thing that changed when you left.EVERYTHING! Miss you so!

OMG!!! Lou, Linda, Kayla, and all the other PBX people must really know me too. Sometimes I really dislike taking call. lol

Late night talks that last 'til the wee hours of the morning reveal SO much about people.

I've never held an umbrella in my life, never sit in the shade except when it is blistering, and love the wind unless it rasps at my skin and hurts (which is only a problem the past years). I am confident in my statement of affection.

'You say you love the rain but you open your umbrella.] This is why I am afraid you say that you love me too.' interesting thought by William Shakespeare.

trying not to put too much trust in him again, but it is hard and I just hope I don't regret it in the end.

"I don't trust easily. So when I tell you "I trust you" please don't make regret it. J Cole

Sometimes this Is how I feel that's why I snap at you ... I'm not meaning to but you tease me with your kindness and love... It's hard fon going to smiles to tears... Js love

I hate how you tease me gosh it makes me have hope that you still do. But you have a girlfriend. So leave me alone yep.gosh dang it!