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Yemaya - Mother goddess. Helps purify the soul from within bringing a sense of serenity. Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo

shango god - Google Search

**..Oshun..** West African goddess/orisha of sweet waters, beauty, love, artistry, and prosperity.

oshun; Mamae do Ouro; das riquezas; do Amor; dos bebes e crianças; Salve a Mamae Sereia;

Oya and Chango - lightning thrower

The Naming of California The state of California was named for Califia, reputedly a Black virgin queen. She was said to rule an "island nation" of Amazons, where gold was the only metal. Even as late as 1707, some European maps continued to depict California as an island. While many California children hear the story in school of the origin of our State’s name, not many are made aware that she was said to be Black.

oya: yourban mother goddess and spirit of the river Niger. She strengthens our passion for and appreciation of life. She is wild and irrepressible, like the fire she's said to have created. Oya presides over matters of fairness and custom using fire as the light of truth. her themes are justice, tradition, zeal and femininity and her symbols are fire, water and the number 9.