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Some 'friends' were bitchy towards selfies today so I really need this~ .////. Fuck y'all cuz selfies are hella great and I'm so pro selfie culture like fucking fight me (but plz don't fight me I will cry)~

@frannerd's photo: "Since all the selfies I take, happen to suck, here's my "selfie" telling you that I just filmed the Q&A video and I had the best time hahaha. Please teach me about this whole selfie world, I just can't get it right!"

Selfie Toaster

Let's eat a selfie! Once you order this magnificent toaster, please send the photo of your choice to Fancy Customer Service at A team member will be in touch to ensure the quality of your photo. Keep in mind: -The larger the image is, the better. -Photos must be larger than 150k (72 dpi). -Please note that the toaster only accomodates one photograph and only up to 2 faces per photograph. Although you may have a collection of selfies, please only submit one photo, with no more…

Yo, for All-States, this girl couldn't send in her photo so my teacher just sent her best selfie in.