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Woman On The Street foto di Joana Kruse

Woman On The Street Print By Joana Kruse. Nice example of Dynamic Spot of color with pink.

5 Rainy Day Essentials

smile at the wind that blows your hair into humidity madness - bring an umbrella - and when it collapses laugh harder - not even the rain can ruin a moment

I believe I will have to have a "Fairy Tale" shoot in my wedding gown :)


Gowns + Nature = Beautiful ************************** I believe I will have to have a "Fairy Tale" shoot in my wedding gown :)

I can not wait to act like a little kid again with my bean:)

through the rain.By Elena Shumilova (love the tiniest bit of colour left in the photo.


In Kenya, Namanyak, age plays with a lamb, made possible through the World Vision Gift Catalog ~~This is so sweet and I'm sure as long as that little lamb is alive it will be the best friend of this adorable little boy~~

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my kids love playing in the rain with or without the umbrellas (these are not my boys but they are just as adorable)

EXPIAÇÃO Minha alma tem rasgos Tem vergões das chibatadas do tempo. Tem espaços não visíveis doloridos de silêncio. Tem incertezas tão certas. Veredas abertas e vontades invencíveis que não nasceram ainda. Tem desconfianças de que o sonho é findo, mas reinventa o meu céu de utopia que todo o não crer expia. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Escritos-de-Nara-R%C3%BAbia-Ribeiro/249971401727398?fref=photo

i could cry forever for how much i miss my sweet grama. I cannot wait to finish my house and begin my Hummingbird garden This photo is SO beyond beautiful! I love it with hearts! It's a hummingbird caught in the middle of it's rain dance!