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Dating with anxiety: how suffering from anxiety can influence your relationship. Dating with a mental illness | Anxiety and relationships | Relationships | Anxiety | Mental health | Valentine's Day | Anxiety in a relationship | Love | Loving someone with anxiety

Seriously, if you force them to speak and they make a mistake, they'll remember it for the rest of lives and make their anxiety worse.

Little Things, Love ... and Reality: This Baggage is Old -- My Anxiety Story Part 2, mental illness, anxiety, blogger

Sometimes we so badly want things to turn out well that our anxiety stops us from ever achieving it. Here are 9 tips to banish the panic, plus ways to deal with an anxious moment.

This is beyond true.. Anxiety is one of the worst mental illnesses you can have, in my opinion. It makes you over think absolutely everything, it makes it hard for you to trust ANYONE & it pretty much controls your life. No, anxiety isn't 'that bad' because it's worse.. It's freaking horrible.