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Doctors 'decapitated baby during birth and tried to hide it from parents after the dead infant was delivered by C-section'

Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette, of Missouri, claim their obstetricians had allegedly coerced them into a vaginal delivery, decapitated their son and then pushed the boy's head and body back into the birth canal.

charles manson august 16 1969 - a crazy serial killer and cult leader helped to end the tumultuous decade. Google him and read the story.

Elizabeth Bathory - The Blood Countess (1560-1614) hungarian nobility, attributed with torturing and killing over 600 victims most of who were servants - said to be the most "prolific female serial killer in history" she apparently even bathed in the blood of virgins - spooky spooky woman!

The stuff nightmares are made of: Maria and Delfina Gonzales would recruit prostitutes, through the guise of being maids. Most were force-fed cocaine and heroin. When they became sick, damaged in any way, lost their looks, they were killed and buried on the property. They also killed men who carried large sums of money. When the police searched the sisters’ property, they found 11 men, 80 women, and several fetuses.They were tried in 1964, and sentenced to 40 years each.

Mt. Everest has around 200 dead bodies on the mountain. It is nearly impossible for recovery of a body off the mountain. The “death zone” is 26,000 feet. The air there is so thin. Lack of oxygen leaves climber bewildered and weak and can cause them to pass out and get frostbite. The bodies are left the same as how they died and have become landmarks for travelers. The photograph shows a body which has been given the name “green boots” and has been there since 1996.

Roscoe Arbuckle's career was destroyed when a would-be starlet called Virginia Rappe died of a ruptured bladder after a weekend orgy he threw in San Francisco in 1921. The 19-stone Arbuckle was accused of raping and accidentally killing her and he was tried three times for manslaughter. It is widely believed that he was framed.