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So this is my horse Diamond, a PMU rescue, I've rescued him when he was about 8 months old. He would have ended up on a dinner plate because the colts of the tortured PMU mares are a by-product of the Premarin and Prempro industry.

A rescued animal. Please join my board. I am a new advocate for neglected and abused animals. Some of this will not be pretty but that is why this board was created.

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Every time I've gotten thrown my horse is like yo u ok? I'm im on the ground like I hate u u repulsive animal. Then she starts licking me and I like her again.

Ideal for facebook posts..

I love this post. I had to laugh at this one but horses can do some of the funniest things and this "saying" fits this photo.

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Laughter is Always Better when you Laugh with a Friend! What is happening? Why are the horse and girl laughing? Who do you laugh with? What do you laugh about?

Here's a kiss for you!

Horse Kiss sensational, only thing is no idea who this lovely couple are or where the picture was taken if anyone recognises it then please let us know so we can credit them.


Percheron stallion Ughy De Luynes --you can see why these were used as war horses. Even tougher than the Friesians, the Percheron war horses could accommodate the heavier armour of the later Medieval period.

I feel ya, man. I never really want to kill them (unless it's one that I know can kill or maim ME) but most of them creep me the fuggout.

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I love everything about this pic.the three running horses, their clear reflection in the water, the hazy blue mountain background, the freedom.