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The Doctors: Paralyzed Vet Has First Dance At Wedding + PTSD Treatment

The Doctors talked to the paralyzed veteran who found love, and shared a PTSD treatment that was available for him.

12-year-old Sydney Fitzpatrick couldn't walk without leg braces, crutches or a walker, as she's diagnosed with #cerebral #palsy, #epilepsy and #myasthenia #gravis. But a set of leg stimulators developed by Bioness Inc. could change all of that. The stimulators, Vikki said, work on the calf muscles, allowing Sydney to walk unassisted. In some cases, over time, the muscles can be completely retrained. #bioness #l300 #CPawareness #FES #footdrop

Meet Jerry Sheilds, stroke survivor and 2012 Team USA Archer at the London Paralympics.

While we were busy enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday State-side, our friends in Europe had their first installation of the Vector Gait & Safety System at Calve Centre! Check out the article with double-amputee stroke patient Michel Delonnoy.

Nelis' Dutch Village - Delft Blue Pottery, Wooden Shoes, Wooden Bowls, Dutch Gifts

Ten Simple Frugal Living Tips That Save Us Tonnes Of Money

Are you wanting to save money? Learn how to save money TODAY with these 10 simple frugal living tips!

“Paralyzed Veterans follows our veterans from the battlefield to the hospital and we continue to follow them throughout their lives,” Joe says. “And they are proof that anything is accomplishable in life; you have to have the will to do it, the fortitude and the strength within yourself. The ability to achieve, adapt and overcome in instilled in you in the military. All you have to do is try.”

The Vector Gait and Safety System is nominated as a Finalist in 2014 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA)! We're honored to be included as one of the "Most Innovative Medtech Products of 2014." The awards ceremony will take place on June 11. Read more about the Vector here:

Bioness is proud to announce that the ‪Vector‬ is the ONLY UL-certified over-ground Dynamic Body Weight Support System! Watch the Vector Experience below and come see it for yourself at ‪#‎AOTA‬ in April!

Stroke Month: When Art Heals - Richard Creme Exhibition

When Art Heals - Richard Creme Exhibition: Five years on from his stroke, Richard's exhibition shows us all just how powerful a role art and creativity, along with a lot of love and support from professionals, family and organisations like The Stroke Association, can go to help 're-invent' and heal an individual afflicted by a serious health issue.