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I'm not getting old, I'm getting better

معنى الصبر ليس في القدرة على الإنتظار إنما هو في المحافظة على سلوك جيد وقت الانتظار

"I've seen more thought and research go into deciding cable versus dish TV! It's amazing who student-athletes and their parents will listen to just because they're being told everything they want to hear. Doing the basics up front and the right way sets the trend for your recruiting process. It's simply too important." - Coach John Dwyer, Basketball & Volleyball Coach -

Release regrets and begin again. If you need to make amends to release any regrets do so, If this is impossible - release the forgiveness to the Universe and believe that you are forgiven as well. "What God forgives, you forget....move on." LW

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