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Beneath the flat surfaces and sharp outlines of Patrick Caulfield and Gary Hume lies a world of mood, meaning and ambiguity, writes Laura Cumming

OTF on Behance

One-Time Format (OTF) triggered Oddds’ participation & work derived from a project created & curated by 36 Days of Type Edition), in which it challenges designers to design or illustrate a letter of their views on alphabets.The primary intention of…

If you're a fan of photography and of Bill Watterson's popular comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, you'll probably love what Oregon-based freelance photographer

Calvin and Hobbes Photoshopped Into Photographs of Real Locations

seabeans: “ Calvin and Hobbes IRL The power of imagination is sometimes too great to confined by three perfect squares and when it comes to Calvin and Hobbes, even sweeping majestic landscapes are.

Patrick Caulfield, entrance

Patrick Caulfield – black outlines, and bright, saturated colours