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I'M GETTING THIS AS A TATTOO FOR THE BESTEST, FUNNIEST LADIES I KNOW: My Toria, Sarah (My wife), A.I.T, Sam, Nikkerz, Assilem, Elise, Sheila, Heather & Natasha! I LOVE MY FRIENDS

Be kind and respect other's pins. My boards are a place to escape the real world, enjoy the beautiful photographs, that someone else has taken and shared with the world. For that I thank them and all who re-pin and like what you find. Be Blessed. Sheila


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And that I did- today is the hardest day of my life. I'm filled with every emotion. It's like a part of me has died and no matter the circumstance, no matter how right this is I can't begin to wonder if he even cares that I'm gone and he's lost it all.