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*screams from the rooftops* <---- *falls in a heap Disney princess style and sobs*// Sorry for the Tenrose spam, I just love them so much! ~Macy

Clare and her hubby <3 I'm on a big Doctor/Clare kick right now, so I'm gonna be pinning a lot of them. I LOVE THEIR RELATIONSHIP!!!!

by Burdge I MISS THEM SO MUCH TODAY I CAN'T EVEN i fell like some people forget (and not trying to be mean rose is beautiful) but she isnt a size 1

widdlez: He’d finally gotten what he’d wanted. Another chance at a family. a messy messy Tyler-Noble family doodle cause I can’t seem to draw anything else not Who related today. Also another tentoo headcanon of mine is that after the Doctor wearing glasses for so long just to wear them our human Doctor actually needs glasses in the end. please don’t mind me and my mess. I already hate this why am I posting it?!