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The Critical Angle

The Critical Angle

Math Teacher Mambo: Accumulation Functions

I didn't like the treatment I gave to Accumulation Functions and the part" of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, so I thought I'd cha.

Differential Calculus – Graphical Transformations

Graphical Transformations help us to plot any function in calculus.These transformations can easily be observed by changing the values of the independent variable x.

Mathematics in dance.

It's Pi Day! Let's talk about how awesome math is for your kids

A collection of social dance comics. Another Reason to Learn the Reverse Dances? Math Line Dance, Anyone? Off-Site Social Dance Comics Only in the Bay Area Dancing Through Life Revolution Wh…

f(t): calculus

First I have to express an obscene amount of gratitude to Bowman Dickson for illuminating what will be challenging for students learning rel.

Adventures of Teaching: What to Do The First Week of School!

People Bingo - Whole group activity - The kids have to find someone different to sign in each box and when they have a signature in every box they call out, "Bingo!" yESSSS people bingo, make those kids talk at each other

End Behavior Cards- and lots of other worksheets for algebra 2. This lady has some neat ideas.

End Behavior Cards- and lots of other worksheets for algebra This lady has some neat ideas.