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Should Survivor come back for another season?

Survivor - Chuck Palahniuk. By far one of my favorite authors, and this is my favorite of his books (so far). Palahniuk is definitely not for those with a weak stomach. I like this book for the way Palahniuk makes bizarre and in some cases downright horrifying situations seem perfectly normal and even ho-hum. Fantastic writing.

No one wins the games there are only survivors ❤️ our girl on fire survived and our boy with the bread this is my edit for the the edit contest of @the_hunger_games_images ☺️ Question: what language do you speak? I speak Dutch ❤️ what do you think of my edit? please comment ☺️

it is.YES❣I Lenda V.L. WON the January 2017 Lotto Jackpot‼️❣000 4 3 13 7 11:11 22❣UNIVERSE PLEASE HELP ME THANK YOU IM GRATEFUL❣

Ken McNickle

Survivor: Meet the Cast of Season 33, Millennials vs. Gen. X Ken McNickle Age: 33 Hometown: Denver Occupation: Model Team: Gen X/Takali Tribe

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