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for MARYBETH - They are strong, yet compassionate. They often walk with determination, yet they have the gentlest of touch. They are educators as they are always willing to teach and share their knowledge. They are good listeners and always seem to be there when you need them. They are Nurses. doraangevine

Inspiration: Quote of the week

Very fitting as today is my first Nursing Final. I cannot wait to be taking my last Nursing Final.


You know you're a nurse when you hear IV pumps beeping in your sleep.or call lights in your sleep.

One to Remember!

Be the nurse you would want as a patient. So love this, I have had some really great nurses this past year with both surgeries and some not so great ones . I gotta keep this in my mind and in my heart when I go back to work

How many times have I heard this?! Patient: Oh what's that one called...d...d... Me: dilaudid? Patient: oh yeah! I need that.

pain pills, Narcs, patients, nurse, if docs prescribed all pain meds IM I wonder how much everyone would be asking for them!