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The 30 Best Things Ever To Come From Canada

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Which Female Literary Character Are You?

Anne of Green Gables - Meagan Follows should have obtained Super Stardom following her stellar performance as Anne Shirley - However - Hollywood over looked her and she pretty much had minor bits roles from then on. She is such a cute girl here.

16 Gorgeous Locations From Pride And Prejudice You Can Actually Visit

I want to visit them all, especially And I want my wedding at Plz and thanks. 16 Gorgeous Locations From Pride And Prejudice You Can Actually Visit

His posture is near perfect. JUST LOOK AT THOSE FEET! His shoulders are back, his back straight, his head up, and his toes pointed forward. He just needs to lower is hands a littke bit more, and then.... it will be perfect

"Hunter!" She screamed and lashed out, but the straps tying her down held fast. Tears streaked her cheeks as his shrieks continued, and each one of them felt like a dagger in the heart, as if she was feeling them just as Hunter was.

For several years, I have been a big fan of this movie, but had never read the book, the truth is it was cuz laziness, but now it was time to do so. I also consider myself a fan of Jane Austen, I also saw the movie, it's pretty epic, I loved it. But back…

It's so sad that he's gone. He was the PERFECT Plutarch.<<< that's what I told my non-fan dad! How it is horrible that he died, but he was perfect!!! How are they going to find the perfect person now!!?!

NEW TRAILER!!!!! WARNING!!!!! HAVE A BOX OF TISSUES WITHIN REACH!!!!!! Maybe it was worse for me because I still haven't healed from having listened to the audio book this morning but i was bawling. I don't know how i will make it through the movie:/