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Using Focal Points to Make a Good Garden Great - Growing A Greener World®

focal point, emphasis & other elements of art

images to use on benchmark test for focal point, emphasis & other elements of art

Trent Parke: the coloured balloons in the image really stand out, the yellow of the balloons contrasts against the grey of the building, creating an easy focal point for the audience. I think this image would convey a different message in black and white and maybe be not as engaging. The lighting has been positioned to fall over the entrance of the building and the balloons, emphasising the focal point.

This picture shows the principle of emphasis. It shows emphasis because the focal point in the picture is the balloons. Also the balloons are yellow so your eyes are automatically drawn to them.

Focal Point Example

Emphasis and Focal Point assignment

Artist NA  This reminds me of Snow White although her apple is red this is just as mysterious. #GrannySmith

Photo of Fresh Granny Smiths apples food picture This picture shows emphasis because one of the apples are great and the rest have no colour, which draws the eye to that apple.