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Don't be mad that you ONLY lost ONE pound

Don't be mad that you ONLY lost ONE pound

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fat and muscle ratio. - muscle does not "weigh more than fat". A pound is a pound the world around. But the same pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat. I have to remember this.

Dear Stomach You Are Bored no Hungry So shut up weight loss motivation quotes

Weight Loss Motivation Quotes

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Every pound down is one step closer to your goal!

1 pound - way puts things into perspective! I've lost 23 pounds, most of which i lost last year. I have only lost a couple more pounds recently but I have been holding at my lowest weight in years. Now to get another 15 pounds off of me!


-As a woman who chose to give birth twice without pain medication or medical intervention I truly appreciate this fact- "Women = strength. If men could have babies, we would all go extinct.

Muscle to Fat Comparison >> When you start a new fitness routine, even if your eating is spot on, you may see a change in how your clothes fit before you see a shift in the scale. Judge your progress weekly by taking measurements and how your clothes fit, instead of measuring your fitness by what the scale says.

5 lbs of fat vs 5 lbs of muscle. Muscle is dense and has shape. Fat is fluffy and assumes its own shape. You BUILD muscle and GAIN fat.


Motivation to help stick to your diet and exercise plans - "Dear stomach. You're bored. Not hungry. So shut up.

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Which do you want??

5 pounds of fat vs 5 pounds of muscle. Which looks like it takes up more space? Obviously the fat. what really matters is having low body fat and high muscle. Not the number on the scale.

Here is a great way to reward yourself. Every time you workout for at least 30 minutes straight put $1, .25, etc in a workout tip jar. At the end of your goal period, like 2 months, take that money and buy yourself new workout shoes, top, facial or massage! A great way to keep on track, reward yourself and show everyone how hard you have worked!

At Home Workouts

Workout tip jar. After each workout, tip yourself a buck. After 100 workouts, treat yourself to new shoes or clothes or massage. But only a buck? Thats a 100 workouts at a week so in a year i get a treat!