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Esmeralda from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame: Halloween 2013 inspiration


Costume Ideas for Women: Disney's Esmeralda Costumes for Kids and Teens (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

I used to have this doll. I want a scaled up version of this dress.

I want a scaled up version of this dress.

Esmeralda genderbending by sonialtarriba on deviantART

Yeah, I fell into the disney princesses genderbending too. With some friends, we had made a bet of drawing our own male versions of female disney c.

my_most_grievous_fault_by_alicexz-d35bjph.jpg 1,502×1,000 pixels

Letsgo Back to childhood with Beautiful Disney Fan Artworks

my_most_grievous_fault_by_alicexz-d35bjph.jpg 1,502×1,000 pixels


“ Since I’m in the genderbend obsession, why not with one of my favorite disney girls? :) He still looks too feminine to me, but I tried -q I felt like I couldn’t change quasimodo that.