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The house from "Bewitched" as it has appeared over the years. On the Columbia Studios, now the Warner Brothers back lot. I've compiled a few photos as it appeared over the years. What's amazing is this little back lot neighborhood has been redressed and repainted dozens of times to appear in various TV shows and movies. Once you look, you keep finding more times you've seen them before.

1164 Morning Glory Circle (Sam & Darrin's place) as it has appeared over the years, and it's location to other famous tv/movie homes.

View from above the Warner Brothers Ranch with 1164 Morning Glory Circle in view.  "X" marks the spot!

The Stephens house from Bewitched at 1164 Morning Glory Circle is marked by the yellow X at the top center in this aerial photo of the studio lot.

Tour of Warner Brothers Ranch lot including 1164 Morning Glory Circle.

A tour down Morning Glory Circle, where I visit the homes of yesterdays favourite sitcoms, incuding- Bewitched, I dream of Jeannie, Friends and The Brady Bun.

Columbia Ranch house used in Gidget

Columbia Ranch TV lot (now the Warner Ranch) - Home of the Lawrence family in Gidget (also used as Baxter home in Hazel)

The Unofficial Columbia Ranch Site

A website about the former Columbia Studios Ranch in Burbank CA, where many famous TV shows and Movies were filmed.

Warner Brothers Studios

Desilu-Cahuenga Studios, in the early 846 N., now Red Studios Hollywood

Just north of the Warner Bros. Studio lot is another much smaller, studio lot known as the Warner Bros. Ranch, located at 411 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank, CA. It was originally called the Columbia Ranch after the studio that founded the facility. When I worked at Warner Bros., I used to visit here, and it was such a peaceful oasis compared to the larger Studio Lot.

This fountain was the backdrop for the opening scene if Friends, and prior to that, it was often seen on Bewitched. How the Ranch Has Weathered - Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre

Warner Brothers Studios

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Monkees at Columbia Ranch during shooting for the Monkees TV show 1967

The Monkees / saw mickey dolens in concert for davy jones