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The Aztecs Then and Now by Fernando Horcasitas (Minutiae Mexicana, Mexico City, 1979) which contains a concise summary and spot-on illustrations by the famous Mexican illustrator Alberto Beltrán… ‘The common man dressed in a loincloth passed between his legs and draped around his waist. He also wore a mantle to cover his shoulders, much like today’s sarape.  http://www.mexicolore.co.uk/aztecs/ask-us/aztec-mexica-clothing

Commoner hair and clothing. Commoner dudes have that bowl cut.

Aztec Dancer. Zocalo Mexico City

This Aztec dancer wears a feather headdress decorated with a green-eyed skull. Mexico City - Birdie priest or maybe even Axacaya

The Mother Goddess - The Mother Goddess: As She Appears in Cultures Around the World

Peasant women helped in the fields, but their primary work was in the household…

aztec clothing - Google Search. Azteca was the name of all of Mexico at one time. Azteca in Hebrew means Issachar which is relating to one of the 12 tribes of Israel (Descendants of Jacob)

Peasant women worked in the fields, but their main work was in the household. Elder women trained the young girls. Women inherited and passed on property, but were still at a lower social status than men.

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“The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.

Pectoral  Aztec  The Cleveland Museum of Art

-- Pectoral Ornament -- -- Mexico -- Guerrero, Ichcatiopan, Mixtec or Aztec Style -- Cleveland Museum of Art