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Top 10 Exercises For Sculpted, Strong & Feminine Calves

The best exercises for sculpted, strong and feminine legs! If you want your legs to look amazing in high heels you need to start paying special attention to your calves. Strong and sculpted legs not only look fabulous in a short dress but can also help you boost your athletic performance and provide your body with a solid foundation to build upon. Add these 10 exercises to your leg workouts, engage your calves and feel the burn!

Cool things I want to buy- want all except the kitty sweater and the hand candle

For every plus sized, short woman the upper thigh region is the most dreaded area, where the cellulite rapidly grows. Such women would want to keep their distance from short skirts and dresses and keep the region covered.

"I don't want to do this anymore, I don't want to be the reason why" by chloanna on Polyvore featuring Splendid, Victoria's Secret, Casetify and Vans

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Temptress Maxi Dress

Sexy, deep plunging neckline and flowy silhouette make us want to make a romantic getaway in a vineyard far far away. Temptress Maxi Dress by On The Road. Clothing - Dresses - Printed Clothing - Dresses - Maxi Clothing - Dresses - Floral Clothing - Dresses - Formal Clothing - Dresses - Short Sleeve Mississippi

How did I lose the weight? I stayed hungry. A lot. I ate broccoli when all I wanted was a damn brownie. I exercised even though I was tired, it was raining, or I just didn't feel like it. I learned that special occasions are not a reason to overeat. When I slipped up, I pulled myself together and got right back on track. I didn't shy away from the scale. In short : There is no trick or secret to getting fit - just a hell of a lot of hard work and heartache.