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red black checked blanket over baby elephant Yao Ming is on a journey through Africa to raise awareness of the poaching crisis facing Elephants and Rhinos. Daphne Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage is part of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

When the bombs rain down, the White Helmets rush in. Unarmed and neutral they’ve saved 60,000+ lives and counting. Support them now.

By Rick Sterling, CounterPunch, Oct 2016 The saturation of propaganda from massive investments by Western interests in NGOs like the 'White Helmets' has skewed the public’s understanding of foreign crises, such as Iraq in 2003 and Syria toda

Elephant sanctuary Nairobi Kenya

Elephant orphans form intense bonds with their caregivers and vice versa. “It’s not for the wages,” explains one veteran keeper. “The more you’re with them, the more you satisfy yourself. You just love them.” Photograph by Michael Nichols

19 Dogs Before And After Bath Time

19 Dogs Before And After Bath Time

Bill Guarnere and Babe Heffron in Normandy <3 "The main reason we go to Europe is to visit the graves of our buddies, all the men we fought with and left behind (....) The cementeries are beautiful, lush green grass with white crosses about four feet high, as far as the eye can see. Some Stars of David, too. It's sad, but beautiful. It takes your breath away." p.260 Brothers in Battle - Best of Friends by Bill Guarnere/Babe Heffron

Band of Brothers: Babe Heffron and Wild Bill Guarnere Easy company, Regiment, Airborne

I think this is pretty cool | Grandma had one

I think this is pretty cool plus crows are super smart

birdworlds: “ Owning a Raven is a lot of work, in America African Ravens & crows are legal to own. I’ve interacted with companion ravens before and they are fantastic. Seeing this incredible bird free.

17 Rare Albino Animals. . .  Not sure about that.  The giraffe does not look albino. A few other animals also do not have the pink eyes.  Still fun to look at all the cute and pretty animals though.  :)

Funny pictures about 17 Rare Albino Animals. Oh, and cool pics about 17 Rare Albino Animals. Also, 17 Rare Albino Animals photos.