CLOWN GIRL by Tavo Montañez. Usually I really hate clowns, but I like this for some odd reason!

Thibaut Bachelier: Grzesiek Wroblewski

"Mechanical Animals"//part of "Fuck Me Gently"//by Grzesiek Wróblewski

Yuta Onoda realiza ilustración y pintura para "dar lo mejor de sí" y para llamar la atención de los infantes a la lectura a través de ilustraciones.

"Las ilustraciones te acercan a la lectura": Yuta Onoda

Yuta Onoda is the artist behind these creative illustrations, originally from Japan and currently a freelance illustrator based in Toronto, Canada

Moleskine Sketchbook6

The Intricate and Creative Moleskine Sketchbook of Grzesiek Wróblewski