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Take a styrofoam ball, buttons, and sewing pins. Stick the pins through the holes on the buttons, and then stick the buttons into the styrofoam. Make sure to fill the whole ball with buttons! Have fun!

I would use different colors, but a cute holiday idea!

pins pushed through buttons on to foam forms. (i'd do all green buttons with diffrent colored push pins for a christmas tree)

Nice DIY Ruffled Christmas Trees

Nice DIY Ruffled Christmas Trees

DIY Ruffled Christmas Trees by Positively Splendid {Crafts, Sewing, Recipes and Home Decor}

Unique idea--ornaments attached to an old screen window--love it!

No room for a tree in the corner. use an old screen from a window and place your ornaments so that it makes the Christmas tree shape.great way to display your vintage ornaments. or make a tree with ornaments all the same color.

This stunning Christmas decoration was featured on Tip Junkie. It& an ornament tree created using the simplest of items! Simply slide the balls over a kni

Glass Bead Christmas Tree

What you will need for the project: Styrofoam cones or stack trees. Craft paint Brush Glue gun Glue sticks Glass bowl fillers (the ones that are flat on the bot…

interesting creative ornaments arrangement forming a christmas tree

LOVE this idea! Vintage ornaments hung in the shape of a christmas tree on an old window screen. Now to find vintage ornaments.

Beautiful Christmas Wreaths for Front Door. The main Christmas decorations that each of us never forgets to put during the holidays is the Christmas tree

Christmas Ornament Wreath

How To Make A Christmas Ornament Wreath

It's a rare occasion that you can hang shiny, colorful orbs all around your house just for fun. Lean way into the Christmas tradition with this truly impressive wreath. Get the tutorial at Live Love DIY

елочные игрушки своими руками из атласных лент - Поиск в Google

DIY Tutorial DIY Christmas Paper Decorations / DIY Christmas Tree from American Crafts Christmas Scraps - Bead&Cord