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Fidi & Bumsi

Another shot out of the category "bullshit bingo of older works" - but this time developed into study of those "fancy, omg, how blinky I'm dying" lighters.

Turn your back on me shade

I wanna scan u. Some assets from a work in progress - no branding, but illo, so take it easy on the mark. I ättäched the two different versions to this shot äss wäll.

Po(r)table Happiness Goes QR by Axel Herrmann

Po(r)table Happiness Goes QR

If not, there's a slightly different alternate version in the attachment.



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Graphic Design Blog

hey, just used some hours to get some training in illustrator again. influenced by all those amazing illustrators here on dribbble I´ve started on this synth machine here because I just love t.

Designer goody pack large 01

Designer goody pack large 01

Customer Page Illustrations by Axel Herrmann

Customer Page Illustrations

Customer Page Illustrations - by Axel Herrmann on Dribbble. Complex yet clean.