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thetuxedodorito: Requested by anon: Pearl...

thetuxedodorito: Requested by anon: Pearl.

Story for Pearl by Yamio.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I love this little story I wish it were real. poor pearl to love someone so much and not have it returned the same way.

Alexander McQueen #hindi sad diamonds

Alexander McQueen Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

believeinsteven, stevenuniverse

believeinsteven, stevenuniverse<< cool i don't need my heart anyways<<<yeah its pretty much shattered from all the other fandom's I've been in might as well just give up with this show (no pun intended)

Rose quartz<<<this is sad because rose thinks that pearl is only doing this because she is a pearl and she is meant to obey her

"My Pearl."

Rose taught "her Pearl" to be independent, unlike the other homeworld gems. THX STEVEN U

your zodiac sign

your zodiac sign🇺<<don't believe in zodiac stuff but good way to find new music!

I've never cried over a comic before, but this one...>>>IM DISTURBED THAT AMETHYST WAS CREEPING BUT I HAVE THE FEELS INSIDE OF ME

I've never cried over a comic before, but this one...