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Speed Bump for 7/25/2016

Dave Coverly, the creative mind behind this one-panel comic strip, says Speed Bump depicts the "movie of life.


Just in case you're not a musician: A single p means to play quietly. 2 means play very quietly. 3 means real real quiet. 4 means only the musician can hear himself or herself play it.

Marching band is a sport js. Edit- my weight teacher asked me what sports I did and I literally said "I band"

freebies marching band

The performance is the only time in my life that I have felt confident, proud, fearless, and apart of something bigger than myself.

Oh my lol! I have seen this been done before!

I played tenor drum and cymbals in high school marching band. I remember the bass drum players having some issues.

What on earth?!?

No seriously. See the egg nog. feel the egg nog. smell the egg nog. be THE EGG NOG