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thenotepasser.com Guide to Ethical Shopping Sites - non-disposable & well-made, vintage & second-hand, made in small quantities, up-cycled, fair-trade, recycled, preserves artisanal tradition, profits philanthropic causes, eco-conscious materials, locally produced, cruelty-free

Guide to Ethical Shopping Sites

Sarah Bowater: A Guide to Shopping Ethically. A really useful guide to make sure that the clothes we buy are ethically sourced and sustainable for the future.

Did you know what Japan did in World War II�

Did you know what Japan did in World War II…

Japanese atrocities from WW II - I'm not trying to be vindictive here; I'm not that kind of person and I have NOTHING against Japan or Japanese people today. But history is what it is - and history hurts. Click the pin to read the rest.

50 ways your home can save the earth - may delude us into thinking this is an adequate reponse.

INFOGRAPHIC: 50 Ways Your Home Could Help Save the Earth

50 Ways Your Home Could Save The Earth: Apart from the suggestion to use the microwave for more cooking, these are excellent tips! - Home Fix Up Today

Ringling Brother's Circus BEATS their ANIMALS. It's a cruel industry of slavery that MUST be stopped. See how here: http://www.peta2.com/lifestyle/infographics/

Eye-Opening Infographics

Ringling's Cruelty Exposed Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Animals category. Check out Ringling's Cruelty Exposed now!

Stop the abuse! It is terribly obscene to think of the birds and animals skinned alive for decorative purposes for people. Glamorous. Hardly!

Cruelty is not a fashion statement, I can't stand the fur industry. Fur farms exist in the US and in other countries and torture animals for their skins. These animals can stay alive for several minutes after they are skinned if skinned alive.

Graphic, Horrific. And not a prop from a film sadly.

Graphic, Horrific. And not a prop from a film sadly.