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Giddy+UpWhat do you get when you combine a love for Helvetica, Swiss style poster art and horse racing jockey shirts. The short answer. Giddy+Up.Today I gave myself a 3 hour branding exercise to develop my skills. I am a sucker for cool race horse na…

Neon - Swan Dive

Neon - Swan Dive

lord colchester

Bookplate of Lord Colchester Description: States, 'Lord Colchester' with…

386_Hordeum_vulgare_L.,_H._hexastichon_L.jpg (600×964) - hordenine

386_Hordeum_vulgare_L.,_H._hexastichon_L.jpg (600×964) - hordenine

1. Shoe making was considered art during the Renaissance bc it was a particular, unique craft done by a skilled shoemaker who made each shoe by hand. Today it is not considered art bc shoes are mass produced by machines and no longer by hand. (renaissance shoemaker - Google Search

Das Ständebuch From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Book by German woodcut artist Jost Amman depicting various trades.

Understanding Complementary color schemes and Split-Complementary Color Schemes

Complementary color schemes

Color Proportion - Johann Goethe conceived of a system of color proportion in which a simple ratio system is used for balancing areas of pure hues in a composition.