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Take a look at the Exercises for Life | Toad&Co event on zulily today!

Santa Barbara-based clothing company Toad&Co articulates laid-back spirit in apparel designed to be an expression of ease. Comfort, functionality and effortless style are at the core of this brand.

Take a look at the Pieces You Can Count On event on zulily today!

It's often your fashion basics that you turn to time and time again to complete a look. Be sure your wardrobe is armed and ready with go-to staples from this collection that you can count on.

Take a look at the Your New Favorite Essentials event on zulily today!

They go with everything and allow statement pieces to shine; Explore this collection for soft, versatile picks you'll reach for again and again.

Take a look at the Dress Spotlight | Plus event on zulily today!

This collection brings dresses of all styles into the spotlight. We've even added versatile separates as layering additions for our star silhouette.

Take a look at the Retro Rewind | Footwear event on zulily today!

Save up to off vintage inspired pumps, shoes, boots and more from B. on zulily. Browse casual and formal footwear designed for all occasions.

Take a look at the Snow Day | Women's Footwear event on #zulily today!

We know you hate going out in the cold—who doesn't? But when the time comes to brave the snow and chilly temperatures, you better have the right boots to help keep you warm.

Take a look at the Cape Clogs event on zulily today!

Partnered with Torpatoffeln AB, a sixth-generation traditional clog manufacturer, Cape Clogs is proud of their unique and modern Swedish designs. When you're looking for lightweight, durable and comfortable footwear, these vibrant pairs deliver.

Take a look at the Black & White Collection | Plus event on zulily today!

Monochrome is absolutely timeless yet undeniably modern—a solid choice when it comes to style. Explore fashion's most dynamic duo in this collection of separates, cozy layers and accessories.

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Take a look at the Donna Salyers' Fabulous-Furs event on zulily today!

Take a look at the Beautiful You | Plus event on zulily today!

Take a look at the Beautiful You

Take a look at the What's Knit to Love | Plus event on zulily today!

Fall is almost underway and we have just the separates to get your wardrobe in shape. What's not to love about a range of warmer fabrics, darker hues and longer lengths that are ideal for the upcoming season?