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Im sorry im not some little push over bitch its not who i am im sick of being nice just to have people think im some frail flower then when i get blunt and straightforward people act like wtf i didnt know haku could be like that. Well when someone is a two face fake ass hole with me i aint playin anymore. Its ironic how all i do is be there to help when no one else is there but as soon as someone new comes along i get shoved to the side. Yup welp haku helped me with my problem no need to…

Gothic lovers. ♥ - Dee: The vampire couple were still outside in deep conversation when I left the restaurant with the Amazonian guard. The slender male turned towards us as we were about to pass and said, "Where are you going, lovely one?" he said pointing to me obviously not afraid of the amazon. After such a delicious meal at the restaurant, I wasn't in the mood for a fight so I raised my voice for the people in the plaza to hear, "Greetings, young vampire, and goodnight. May there be…

www.vampires&werewolf.com | Vampire lord | Vampires & Werewolves http://genevievejallorinasolis.joanofarc.com/?TPV_TotalPointValue=TPVgjs_TargetPointValuesovereigngenevievejallorinasolis=Jeanne%20of%20Arc%20-%20Joan%20of%20Arc%20as%20Leelee%20Sobieski%20y%20Milla%20Jovovich/plusPV=DKNY%20-%20Donna%20Karan%20New%20York%20Owner%20Identification%20for%20Profile%20Portrait%20Photo%20Passport%20no.%20H420430

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