wooden diamonds! love!

Zebrawood diamond necklace - Light version - Sterling and wood necklace

Hexagon Quartz Gold Necklace

Featuring a beautiful natural hexagon cut Quartz Stone which was hand framed into a gold filled pendant. This necklace highlights the beautiful

Cute little necklace

Umbrella necklace with turquoise drop, turquoise necklace, rain necklace, unique necklace, vintage style necklace

@Kellie Dyne Dyne Meyers it's named after you!!! BOOK OF KELLS: Tree of Life © Wanaree TANNER (Artist. Quincy, Illinois). Original designs. Hand-crafted Jewelry for sale via Etsy. Stock and custom orders. Metal Clay. Necklace, Pendant.

Pine Cone Pendant, Statement Necklace, Long Necklace, Brass Pine Cone Pendant, Woodland Forest Necklace, Rustic Pinecone Necklace

I want a pine cone necklace because my grandpa collects pine comes and soon he will lose his memory for good but I want to remember his love for collecting