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Albion Online

Game must be rewarding enough vs time invested. If you have to walk 1 hour to have a 3 minutes PvP encounter where you are left with the only choice to run and hide, is not rewarding.

Some New Try in Albion Online

Oh and for the record for those calculating Net Promoter, at the moment I would not recommend this game to a friend.

albion morgana

Explore the new Sandbox MMORPG and join over active players in this unique MMO! This is Albion Online!

Kutweer's Albion How to craft Artifact Weapons Beginner's Guide - http://freetoplaymmorpgs.com/albion-online/kutweers-albion-craft-artifact-weapons-beginners-guide

Kutweer's Albion How to craft Artifact Weapons Beginner's Guide

ArtStation - Albion Online - Lands of the Undead, Johannes Figlhuber

An illustration I did for Albion Online recently.

Albion Online - Trade by EsbenLash on DeviantArt

Discover The Art of Esben Lash Rasmussen, an Illustrator / Concept Artist based in Los Angeles and currently working for Riot Games.

Albion Online PvP: Law's of the Jungle

To all of you complaining about Ganking / Balance and unfair PvP. Please read the Laws of the Jungle!


Albion Online has entered the Final Beta stage. The update for ​​​sandbox MMORPG has a lot of improvements and the brand new features.