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First Needle Tatting Patterns | Ring 3 + 4 lower right wing

The "Onion" Ring Butterfly by Georgia Seitz. Original pattern and color models by Hope Green.

UMI & TSURU: Jane's Playful Cats

These are the newest patterns from Jane Eborall. Thank you so much Jane. I love how the back legs are form.

TATtle TALES Tatting Patterns - by Teri Dusenbury

Size 20 Six Cord Thread Intermediate Skill Level Wheel of Fortune Snowflake PDF Pattern All Rights Reserved by Teri Dusen.

Jeanne Lugert's 3-D Rose Earrings-Made two pair! Fun and easy! The color combinations are endless.

I wonder if it would be possible to integrate this flower in two-shuttle free-form tatting and make it look good.