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smoky rainbow

smoky rainbow

Harvest Moon over Chelsea  3 X 3 Archival paper

Harvest Moon over Chelsea 3 X 3 Archival paper

i have listened to the sound of spheres - by reapingwhatwesaw

i have listened the sound of the spheres

graffilight by Charles Kalpakian

graffilight by Charles Kalpakian

This is a volcano exploding. Volcanoes explode because plates in the mantle, (see Earth's layers) separate and magma, (which is called lave when it comes out) spills out of the volcano.

This picture shows an explosive eruption. This is only one of the many different types of volcanic eruptions. An explosive eruption happens when there is a lot of gas in the magma -- Noah Benton

An underwater #volcano dubbed Tamu Massif was found some 1,000 miles east of #Japan, says William Sager, a professor at the University of Houston, who led a team of scientists in the discovery. The volcano is about the size of the state of New Mexico and is among the largest in the solar system, Sager says. http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/06/world/biggest-volcano/index.html?sr=fb090613biggestvolcano10a

Largest volcano on Earth found, scientists say

Largest volcano on Earth found: An underwater volcano dubbed Tamu Massif was found some miles east of Japan