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Time in Motion: Mesmerizing GIFs by Fong Qi Wei | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Time in Motion: Mesmerizing GIFs by Fong Qi Wei

Singapore based photographer Fong Qi Wei, in his latest series 'Time is a Dimension', uses time lapse photography over a 24 hour period .

محققان سازمان فضایی آمریکا(ناسا) به تازگی دریافته‌اند که بعضی از ویژگی‌های سیاه‌چاله‌ها با آنچه در ۲۰ سال گذشته تصور شده متفاوت هستند.  به گزارش آیسام و به نقل از ایسنا و به نقل از دیلی‌میل، طی ۲۰ سال گذشته محققان این نظریه را قبول داشتند که مقادیری از آهن در سیاه�

Machines like Z are the only way—short of exploding a weapon or sojourning inside the sun—to measure how matter behaves in extreme environments.

'Underpass' 010110+1091

'Underpass' 010110+1091

MIT build 1 trillion FPS camera - captures photons in motion

Red Fuzzy Jesus

showslow: “ A beautiful series of photographs entitled “Orbital” by Berlin-based photographer Bjoern Ewers of Studio 314 who managed to capture the intense colour swirls of giant bubbles that were.

Surreal Atmospheric Photography by Martin Vlach

Large-scale Graphite Drawings of Surreal Adventures, Dreamers, and Heroes by Ethan Murrow

Quantum Field X3 Installation by Hiro Yamagata

Visible Light: Artist Alexander Harding Reveals Dense Rays of Sunlight Pouring…

'Erykah Badu' oil painting

Erykah Badu oil painting on board. Prints available

Massimo Margagnoni

Stark Black and White Photographs of Waterfalls by Massimo Margagnoni waterfalls nature landscapes black and white

'Emanate' 010110+1145

'Emanate' 010110+1145

vvv Switch

vvv Switch