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Dr who tumblr go to your room

Good thing they'll have never ending doctor who in heaven. Cause otherwise it wouldn't be heaven.

Master knows best

Master knows best

Knowledge is power - power corrupts - study hard - be evil :D

Doctor Who nerd

Doctor Who Tardis Typography by yellowharbor on Etsy - each of these quotes would make great wedding table names!

Totally fantastic.

I loved this part because for a moment, you were Rose and you were just going "Doctor! Behind you, you daft git!

Duncan is all of these things.  I've got a good man.

BBC gives unrealistic expectations in men. I think I must have found THE perfect man :) .it's so true though!

Hahaha john barrowman is at least a 12- 14 dress size

"John Barrowman is the sassiest woman on the show".Oh my gosh! now I'm imagining Donna and Jack arguing over who is the sassiest female companion while the doctor just stares in miserable silence xD

I laughed wayyyyyyy too hard

Nice photobomb<< anyone else notice he is wearing footy pjs?