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I've been to Venice once - happened to arrive (without planning it!) right in the middle of Carnivale. We couldn't find anywhere to stay of course so we wandered the streets with our new masks & left on the overnight train. We'd have slept out except that it was snowing in February for the first time in 25yrs and it was freezing!

Venice....On this trip, although I have been to Italy...we are going here to really see it. I have only been in Florence and the surrounding area. And we will go to visit where both my paternal grandparents lived!

Venice Photography, Venice Canal, Italy, Water, City, Bridge, Italian Wall Decor - Blue Venice

Venice-my favourite place ever. They say you have not been to Venice if you havent gotten lost while visiting-and have I gotten lost! Best place in the world

An abandoned cable car at an abandoned mental hospital. This would have been the only way up to the hospital in the winter. It's like something out of a Hitchcock movie...very cool!

Ponte di Rialto

the mood in this setting is very chill and relaxing :) i would love to go on a ride down this canal at night.