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A Global Quest

A Global Quest

(Chris Beat Cancer) How to Make The Giant Cancer-Fighting Salad

Cancer-fighting salad: Chris Wark refused chemo and beat cancer naturally. He ate this salad everyday, sometimes twice a day.

I Beat Cancer With Vitamin B17  -  http://www.undergroundhealth.com/i-beat-cancer-with-vitamin-b17/

Beat Cancer With Vitamin - The Food and Drug Administration, the American Cancer Society, and the American Medical Association have used every means at their disposal to prevent this story from being told.

A new way to think about cancer treatment: angiogenesis, targeting the blood vessels that feed a tumor. The crucial first (and best) step: Eating cancer-fighting foods that beat cancer at its own game.

Can You Eat to Starve Cancer?

We can eat to starve cancer! William Li presents a new way to think about cancer treatment: angiogenesis, targeting the blood vessels that feed a tumor. The crucial first (and best) step: Eating cancer-fighting foods that beat cancer at its own game.

Dr Majalca says that when your saliva pH reaches 6.8 the cancer will stop growing, anything above that and the cancer begins to die.  Their goal was to lift Josie’s pH to at least 7.2 – 7.4.  It took a total of 8 weeks of being on a strict alkaline diet before Josie actually reached the 7.2 mark, she then had to hold herself at the level until she was confirmed to be cancer free.

Lymphoma, Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Healed with Laetrile (Sandi Rog) ⁄ Cancer Compass~An Alternate Route

Welcome to the first episode of Biblical Health Radio! My guest today is cancer survivor. You are in for a treat because she has a rich story. Our guest comes with a lot of passion. She’s simply fun, magnetic! You’re going to LOVE this conversation! Be sure to subscribe to my iTunes podcast: #BiblicalHealthRadio

Beat Cancer With Frankincense Oil

Our guest was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was young. Her mother started doing research & kept coming across frankincense oil to beat cancer.

Giant Cancer-Fighting Salad I Ate Everyday to Beat Cancer

To strengthen your body's ability to fight cancer, you need to eat what I ate: The biggest baddest healthiest salad on the planet! It consists of raw organic vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts and …

The Cancer-Fighting Coconut Fruit Smoothie! Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer) - YouTube

Chris Wark refused chemo and beat stage 3 cancer naturally. He drank this Coconut Fruit Smoothie everyday as part of his anti-cancer diet.


This recipe has helped cancer patients and others who have been diagnosed with a severe ailment. According to Breuss, cancer feeds on protein, and it needs to be eliminated from cancer diet regimens.

Curing Cancer Naturally – Four Inspiring Stories of Healing Disease with Diet - Expand your Consciousness

Man with Stage 3 Colon Cancer Refuses Chemotherapy Cures Himself with Vegan Diet Chris Wark's Chemo-Free Cancer Survival Story

"My Favorite Brussel Sprouts Recipe" -Chris Beat Cancer "INSTRUCTIONS: Cut brussels sprouts in halves or quarters, depending on their size; Put brussels sprouts in a glass baking pan; Add a handful or two of walnuts; Drizzle with olive oil; Lightly drizzle with maple syrup or blackstrap molasses"

Block out the flashbacks of being force fed boiled brussels sprouts as a kid. This an absolutely delicious way to prepare one of the healthiest vegetables around. Prepare to be amazed.

I don't know about the to beat cancer claim but these are good foods that you should have in your diet anyway!

One of the easiest and most effective ways to promote good and to help protect against is with your Here are 20 foods that can actually help you prevent cancer.

10 Foods That Can Fight Breast Cancer

Eat These Foods For Breast Cancer Prevention

Everyone knows to stay away from cigarettes to prevent lung cancer and to keep out of the sun to avoid skin cancer. But many people don't realize that you can also attempt to fight off breast cancer through your diet. We hear about "superfoods" and "…

3 Reasons Why I Refused Chemo for Cancer -  I'm glad Chris got a surgery.  You can be denied surgery if you go up against Western Medicine and just ask for a surgery and want to skip Chemo.  They will punish you for questioning them.  Chemotherapy is not the answer.  It is a 3% poison placebo.

Chris Wark: 3 Reasons I Refused Chemotherapy - Chris Wark refused chemotherapy and beat stage 3 cancer naturally. Here he explains why he refused chemo.