Ian Jun Wei Chiew is a concept designer and illustrator originally from Malaysia currently working in the film and gaming industry.

I've been doing alot of value comps and this was one of them which i decided to spend more .

Concept spaceship art by Neil Maccormack

Stunning sci-fi concept sketches are actually rendersGizmodoI love the concept art by Neil Maccormack because it doesn't look like at all. His renders—which he finishes in Photoshop—feel like acrylics painted with real brushes.

The Orbs by Tomas Muller. More concept art here.

It makes me proud, knowing that some of your inventions are are the shuttles as well as the ISS! I LOVE YOU, DADDY!!!

White Castle by Yuri Shwedoff. (via ArtStation - White Castle, Yuri Shwedoff)

Zero Hour by alexiuss on deviantART

Last hope

some destiny fan art ( well more destiny inspired if anything) . I need to get work done lolol Destiny Fan Art