Schaller Hannes Bridge (Vintage Copper)

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the-bridge-and-pickup-of-a-parker-dragonfly-df524-electric-guitar-a-picture-id153901243 (395×594)

the-bridge-and-pickup-of-a-parker-dragonfly-df524-electric-guitar-a-picture-id153901243 (395×594)

Hum Canceling Strat single coil pickup - The coil on the left has a North orientation and the coil on right has a South orientation. Everything is completely concealed under the pickup cover.

Curtis Novak makes high quality custom hand wound pickups, hand makes custom guitars and restores vintage guitars using techniques from Leo Fender

Mastery Bridge. So much better than the stock Jazzmaster one.. Been seeing so many of these lately and they really are fantastic.

I'd be a bold-faced liar if I told you the stock Jazzmaster bridge is just fine — After 6 years, I think I've had enough of it and should upgrade to a Mastery Bridge. I may not deserve it, but my guitar sure does!

Semi-hollow body Internal Chambers | Myka Guitars

A Touch Of The Master’s Handcrafted

Today at World’s Finest Guitars, let’s take a look at the electric /acoustic guitar line created by David Myka Custom Guitars. David proves that electric guitars are much more than a blo…