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Find something to believe in and stand up for it

Find something in your life to believe in and stand up for it. Give your life more meaning by not limiting your self to a linear way of thinking.

Something to stop worrying about

What I talk about today is something quick on what to not worry about. Now, when I was talking, I didn't connect very well on why which is why I sav.

And now a moment of silence

And now a moment of silence

Excersise your subconcious

It takes 60 days supposedly to change a habit, and if you excersise your subconscious you will see a difference.

Don't waste time in this life

Don't waste time in this life

We NEED to change as a SOCIETY

Misunderstandings, the ego, etc. It seems enivitable, but for me to speak out about this is nessesary. We need to change as people, because it's so amazing h.

The plus...

Here I will talk about the plus and the significance to it.

Let out your emotions

Just a short video in to encouraging everyone to let out there emotions because it's not the best thing to keep them inside you forever.

Something about the negative...

There is a thing about the negative charge. The negative charge has it's benefits, but can lead to bad things as well.