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We are all a little broken but last time I checked a broken crayon still colored

Yes but no one whats a broken crayon << When I was a kid, I would always use the broken crayons, no one else taking them. Now, almost an 'adult', I'm a broken crayon. So suck it.

Baze Malbus and Chirrut Îmwe fan art ~ I though their friendship was kinda cool in Rogue One

My brother thought this was some weird fan art of Sokka and Aang (So sweet though!

IM SO DISAPPOINTED lance is still my fav but what the fuck

IM SO DISAPPOINTED lance is still my fav but what the fuck

15 Most Common Archangels and Their Crystals

Crystal Guidance Article: Archangels and Crystals - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

"Greek Gods and Godesses" by iskbug on Polyvore

Finally Hades is here! Also Artemis has no kids only her hunt and really annoying brother

A) Percy would NEVER say this! B) Oh, Athena... C) I personally think children of Hypos have the worst powers.... all they do is sleep. AND all of the seven are powerful. If they did not have good powers, why would they be in the ELITE team?  I conclude with Annabeth has extraordinary powers of improvisation and a VERY VERY knowledgeable  brain

I personally believe that Octavian has the worst powers in the book! But I chose to pin this due to the Percabeth cuteness> i think the question was just out of the 7