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Peru to take legal action over Greenpeace stunt at ancient Nazca lines

Il messaggio di Greenpeace - http://media2.s-nbcnews.com/i/newscms/2014_50/804461/141211-nazca-greenpeace-kns-1600_3d34af2886486bfc0c8a4941597ccfc9.jpg

This Greenpeace Stunt May Have Irreparably Damaged Peru's Nazca Site. The Peruvian government is planning to file criminal charges against Greenpeace activists who may have permanently scarred the Nazca Lines World Heritage Site during a publicity stunt.

How a Greenpeace stunt in Peru drives home the global climate divide - The Washington Post

How a Greenpeace stunt in Peru drives home the global climate divide

Greenpeace activists stand next to massive letters delivering the message "Time for Change: The Future is Renewable," next to the hummingbird geoglyph in Nazca in Peru,, Dec.

Bernarda Gallardo began this undertaking when she was in the process of adopting a baby and came across a newspaper article that said a hospital killed and dumped a newborn baby in the trash because the family never came to claim it.

She Adopted 4 Babies, But They Were All Deceased and unclaimed. She adopted them to give them proper funerals.

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MEN UP! “Photo-calendar project Men Up by Rion Sabean, where men poses like pin-ups, to fight against gender related issues.

Louis CK - Being White

The 10 Boldest Comedians Of Our Time

M Cave hiker Kenny Veach

One man's search for a mysterious cave has left him missing for four months

Christian Group In Texas Shows What Hatred Looks Like .|.  I always find it interesting that people and groups like this behave the way they do and think they are sending a positive message about their own religion.

Anti-Muslim protest at the Texas Capitol