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It’s important that you choose the right kind of planner for your unique style. Alarm clocks and timers are extremely valuable tools. If you are not good at estimating time, start timing your tasks and keep a record of how long things actually take.

Watches and other timepieces that can be carried on one's person are often distinguished from clocks. Look at this funny unusual clock which is not so useful at all.

DIY Silly Walk Clock: Tutorial: How to make a Monty Python Silly Walks clock

Funny pictures about Silly Walks Wall Clock. Oh, and cool pics about Silly Walks Wall Clock. Also, Silly Walks Wall Clock photos.

Clocks...y el tiempo de pronto se detuvo...

The Complete Guide To Your Insane Working Hours

It doesn't matter if you're a full out comic book nerd or you have simply paid enough attention to recognize this iconic clock tower that overlooks Brooklyn. This penthouse has recently popped back onto the market. It boasts 3 floors and almost 7,000 square feet, 4 giant clocks and a ridiculous price tag for most. Care to take a guess at what this Gotham City icon will run you per month?

News: Bruce Wayne's Oracle Clocktower For Rent

Check out this massive clock window at the Clock Tower Penthouse in Brooklyn, New York. Gracie's Dream home.

SPIRAL simulation Very Cool Dali Nautilus Feng Shui BIG Full 10 inch black wall clock Ships Tomorrow Have by Christmas

An assortment of surreal clocks on an Alice in Wonderland-style shelf? Art Nouveau Melting Clock

Unicorn Studios Melting Warped Clock - Polished Bronze Eggshell Face, As Shown

Helen Keller's Pocket Watch; This unusual 'touch' watch, was given to Helen Keller at age 12 by John Hitz, a retired diplomat.  On the backside of the watch is a revolving hand which stops at a point between the pins around the outside corresponding to the hour and minute, making it possible to feel the approximate time in the dark or, in the case of a diplomat like Hitz, discreetly. Hitz presented the watch to Keller, who  used it her entire life. #Helen_Keller #Watch #Smithsonian…

Helen Keller's Pocket Watch - made to tell the time by touch alone

A showcase of talented artists, who have brilliantly brought their visions into our reality through their conceptual photography creations.

A showcase of talented artists, who have brilliantly brought their visions into our reality through their conceptual photography creations.

This should be mine and should've been mine the moment it was created!

Colorful, funny, creative, ideal for bookshelf time piece. It's all about the Karlsson Table Clock Book. The hours are cunningly disguised as book titles. Thanks to this clock

Abstract Time Spiral Infinity Decorative Wall Clock  by GoodTiming, $18.50

Abstract Time Spiral Infinity Decorative Wall Clock - Dorm Decor on Etsy, kr

Kind of loving little touches of Steam Punk.... (no idea where I'd put it, though.)

Turn the gears of artistic expression in your home or office with this unique decorative gear wall art. Made from durable hand-painted metal, the gears of this piece create a rugged, industrial motif perfect for a living room, office, or loft space.

A espiral do tempo. Aquilo a que chamamos tempo será a eternidade? (author photo unknown)

Alice in wonderland style clock. I need one in every room in our house!

How will we ever be on time to the party using Mr. Dali's watch?  by PragmaticEffects on Etsy

alice in wonderlan OMG this same clock was in the beach condo we stayed at and we called it the melting clock!